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Feb. 16, 2000
Mar. 21, 2000
My full name is Annabelle Lee of Stillstone and I'm a big, scruffy Airedale terrier.  Since my birthday was March 21, 2000, I'm now two years old. My Dads, Terry and Chuck, have horses so I get to go to the country and visit the stables sometimes. It's fun to rub noses with the horses and check out the new smells in the barn!

Anya is short for Anastasia, as when she first arrived, she insisted that she was the lost Romanov Tzarina.  Not knowing her well enough at the time, I chose to believe her.  We haven't questioned it since and things have been fine as long as the name Rasputin isn't mentioned.  She loves to play as well as exploring outdoors, but her great passion is entertaining friends in her home (and being entertained by them).
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Jun. 25, 1997
My name is Athena, after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.  I was born June 25, 1997.  Given the name, you'd think I'm smart...well I am, but I'm also a spoiled Daddy's (Keith) Girl, too.  I love to play catch and I'm a very strong swimmer.  Sometimes, I wash my feet in the bowl at the run.  Better tell Mommy (Jill) to get a key.  My sire and dam also live in Manhattan with Mommy's sister's family.

Jan 2, 2002
My name is Master Barney and I'm a very quirky Tibetan Terrier who was named after an even more eccentric artist.  I originally came from Hungary, but to my mom's disappointment, I don't remember much of the language.  I am a very high jumper and enjoy purloining any food that humans are eating, because to me, anything looks better than that brown kibble.  I have made lots of friends in Clinton and hope to meet many more!!

Oct. 31, 2000
My name is Bella Hanson-Matthews and I was rescued one day before it was too late from the CACC by my two dads, Brandon & Roger.  I am a cocoa colored American Staffordshire.  I was born on Halloween night 2000.  I love to play keep away with my toys, and I always want what someone else has.  I like to wear my sweaters and outfits in the cold weather, and play dress up.  I don't like going to bed!  My vet calls me "piglet" because when I have my pink ears back, and when my pink nose is up, I look like a piggy.
Aug. 29, 1999
Callie is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and her birthday was August 29, 1999.

I've attached some photo's of Callie at the beach under HER beach umbrella, on HER beach blanket with HER cooler, a little spoiled, maybe.  Also a photo at home, HER chair is in the background.

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Aug. 3, 2000
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Sep. 24, 1997
My full AKC registered name is Amanda's Pickin' Cotton but everyone calls me Cotton for short.  I am a Yellow Labrador retriever but I am rare- I have very little yellow in my coat and I am mostly white. I will be 5 years old on the 24th of September. My favorite tricks are my frisbee tricks and I love to do almost anything for a bone. Oh and a ball is addictive- I really must find a 12 step program to break this habit. I will walk around for hours with a ball in my mouth and even sleep with it! I have a web page that tells you all this and more at http://hometown.aol.com/freakgrl24/Cotton.html
Jun. 1992
Frosting is a rescued Greyhound.

Please visit Milo's memorial website.  http://stopgreyhoundabuse.netfirms.com
He died on November 11, 1999.  My person adopted me only a few days later on November 16, 1999.  I am happy to say I was able to help her in the grieving process.

Jojo - adopted September 18, 2000.   Rescued from a kill-shelter in KY.  He is an old blind/deaf poodle.  
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Dec 27, 1999
I'm "Foxy Lady", but you can call me "Foxy".   I just turned 2 on Dec., 27th and I am happy to be living with my brand new Mommy, Debbie.  (She's the tall one with platinum blonde hair.)  I used to be "Saffi" but I really like my new life so I got a new name to go with it (I answer better now too.)  I get really excited to play with all my new friends, sometimes Mommy takes too long to get me there so I have to help by pulling her.  See you at the run!  "Foxy"


Aug 1, 2001
Hello, this is Harry, a mix of a Labrador and a Pit-Bull terrier.  He was adopted when he was about 4 months old.  We estimate his birthday do be August 1st, 2001.  As you can see from this picture, he enjoys lying on the couch and on the arm chair.  He is usually at the dog run in the morning.  If you'd like to send as line to Harry's friends Ruth, Garold, Eva, and Michelle, you can email us at
My name is Happy. I have two moms. I am a golden retriever. I enjoy a good scratching on my behind. I have a blond patch over one of my ears, so you can spot me in a crowd.
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Harry & Mel
Harry and Mel are regulars at the dog run. 

Harry loves to fetch dirty tennis balls and Mel likes to hang out under the benches and bark at everyone.


"Opening Day"
This is a picture of Homer.
He's very vain and wanted me to send this very old picture of him before he got so old. He's 13 now. I determine his "birthday" by the beginning of the baseball season.

Irving Turtle
May 27, 2001
Irving is a rare breed.  He is a greyhound puppy born on May 27, 2001 and found in a truck with his 5 other siblings.  His mother had raced that very day and the race track people had no idea she was pregnant.  Female Greyhounds are given high dosages of hormones to prevent pregnancy so Irving is an accident.  He is one of the lucky Greyhound puppies who will never know the abuse of Greyhound racing because they don't know who his father is.

My name is Deputy Jack, but my mom & pop just call me Jack or Jackie. I am 15 months old and still full of unbridled puppy enthusiasm. I love to fetch, in fact I would say it's my mission in life. I also love to steal water bowls and bound around while the water bowl owner and my folks chaseme. But please remember, it's all in fun. I will be friends with anyone, dog or human, who is friendly, but I'm a little wary of bossy dogs. Oh yeah, and I'm hoping the wading pool comes back this summer because I love....I mean absolutely LOVE to swim. I am, after all, a Labrador.

Dec. 21, 2001
Full name: Montrose Sweet Dreams of Jade.  Birthday: 12/21/01.  Pedigreed Australian Shepherd.  Jade is a fun-loving girl who revels in attention from everyone, canine and human alike. Indeed, there's virtually no one she can't charm with her good looks and sweet temperament.  Her favorite activities include wrestling with her good friend Maggie, stealing Callie's toys, and kissing anyone who happens to be in her sites.
Aug. 3, 1994

I am attaching pictures of our two Dalmatians, Parker and Jezebel.  There are two individual pictures of Jezebel and a third of her sleeping on the sofa with Parker. Jezebel's birthday is August 3rd; she will be nine years old this summer. 

Nov. 5, 1998

Parker's birthday is November 5th.  He is four years old. (At least, that's when we've chosen to celebrate it. He was a "rescue," adopted from a wonderful group called Mighty Mutts.)

Oct. 8, 1997
Hi, I'm Kelso.  Most of you know me as the dog that greets everyone coming in to the run and as the dog with funny fur between his toes.  I was adopted from the ASPCA on April 29, 1999, but was born (so the ASPCA told my mom) on October 8, 1997.  I'm 5 years old now, not really a puppy, but can still act like one whenever I feel like it...I'm not very good at sharing the bench with other dogs, or with people, and will bark constantly until someone pays attention to me!  But, I love coming to the run and sitting with all of the humans on the bench, even if I do end up walking on the people sitting there... sometimes! ;)
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My name is Lucy Levenstein and I am a seven year old purebred Labrador-like mutt.  I love being scratched, patted, rubbed, kissed and paid attention to by my anyone with a gentle touch and friendly smile.  I am, for better or for worse, uninterested in other pets and will, provided I am left to my devices, toys and solitude, be a careful observer of dogs and their master's behavior.  I know I'll make a wonderful addition to the DeWitt Clinton dog run and thank those behind its creation and upkeep.

This is Luigi a.k.a "little guy". 11mths. old, Breed: Maltese! I love to play with other dogs and can't wait for the spring time, because his mommies (Karen & Ella) always go to the Beach with him. Somebody even called him a "Labrador Retriever" on the Beach. Maybe one day he will invite some of his new friends from the dogrun to the Beach (Far Rrockaway Beach, Brooklyn). One of his mommies owns a little car service for Dogs, driving them to the Beach. Look for more info on the Bulletin board ! See you in the Dogrun ! 
Mae West

Sep. 24, 1999
Hi!  My name's Mae West, but everyone just calls me Mae.  You can always spot me at the dog run because if two other dogs are having fun playing with each other I'm sure to be nearby trying to butt in and barking at them.  That is, until one of my two dads bellows my name, and then the fun is over - for 30 seconds at least.  If you see my dads, John and Gregg, say hello to them 'cause I love them even if they do try to keep me in line.

Jun., 2000
This is Maggie, which is short for Magdalene. She was born in June, 2000, and was adopted by Michael & Robb through the Petfinders.org website.  We think she is a mix of Sheba Enu and something else -- maybe Golden Retriever? Others say she might be a Finnish Spitz. She loves to run and to terrorize the two cats she lives with at home.
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Dec. 20, 1999
Max is a rare Mayan Dog, bred to protect weavers in the Guatemalan highlands.  He was born December 20th, 1999, and is seen here on the beach at Fort Tilden, Queens.
. 8, 1994
This is Murphy.  She is a brindle Akita and will be 9 years old on October 8, 2003.  I have had her since she was 10 weeks old, and she is the love of my life.  She is lazy when it comes to running around, but she is a real observer, enjoying visits to the dog run just to see the crew.
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Jun. 5, 2000
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Mar. 13, 1997
Rexi was adopted from the ASPCA in March of 1999.  She is the sweetest dog ever.  She is a little timid and shy, but once she gets to know you she is playful and loving.  She loves to run and play.   She can do lots of tricks... she can even jump through the hula-hoop!

   Ruthie & Boaz
This is Boaz the Boxer and Ruthie the English Bulldog! Boaz is a regular at the run where he enjoys annoying older dogs until they bite him and barking incessantly. Ruthie is still just a babe and has only been to the run in her little puppy pouch so far. But at home, she enjoys bossing Boaz around and even "bullying" her two dads. (She definitely thinks she's queen of the castle!) Boaz was born in Boston, MA and came to Hell's Kitchen at 7 weeks-old in August '02. Ruthie was born all the way in Moscow, Russia and came to join her new American family (also at 7 weeks) shortly after New Year's '03.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams
Feb. 2, 2001
Sam Adams was born on Feb 2, 2001, in Duxbury, MA -- a good place for a Boston Terrier to come from.

Sam is owned by Peter and Leila, who can be seen with him in this composite image, from photos taken when he was about 3 months old.  He's now nearly 1 1/2 years old.  Sam is brave but cautious with the big dogs at the dog run, but really loves it when he can find someone his own size, which is  rare.  He loves people, too, but the ones his own size seem to be scared of him.
Peter S. Shenkin
Work:  shenkin@schrodinger.com;   Play: shenkin@mindspring.com
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Jan. 14, 2001
Hello everyone! My name is Samantha. I was born on January 14th, 2001. I currently weigh in at 56 pounds. I just love the dog run. I've meet so many new friends there, including a wonderful pup pal named Zeb, he's cute! I'm very social! I love jumping, playing, running and sniffing because I'm still a pup. And that's what pups do. I also love to steal other dogs play toys, so watch out for me! I have learned many new tricks since I was adopted by siblings Heath and Hoyt. They have taught me how to sit, catch, shake paw, jump, fetch, stay, lay down, and even how to use the litter box!!! I've been very busy growing up these days! So if you see me at the run, say "Hi!". Oh, also I like to say hello to Roxy, Daisy May, and "The Glen click".  See ya at the run!

. 1, 1996
Tiger left the North Shore Animal League in the wilds of Long Island and came to Manhattan in August of 1996.   Although now a city dog at heart, he still loves trekking through the forests of Maine and Cape Cod.  In November of 2002, Tiger began work as a therapy dog visiting hospitals to try and bring a little happiness to the patients.  He received his C.D.C certification in October 2003,
. 14, 1992
Tucker was a stray, stuck in the CACC in Brooklyn for 6 days, including the whole weekend when he wasn't adopted, so when I saw him the next Tuesday, I couldn't possibly leave him there... especially since he was so dirty and flea-ridden. The vet says he was about 7 years old, so his unofficial birthday is 9-14-92. He is a pure-bred Cairn terrier, like Toto, who coincidentally is his favorite movie star.
My name is Brendan and my "puppy" is Zoe.  She is an eight year old Akita but still plays with the whole gang.   Most of the dog owners know her. We're in the run about three times a day rain or snow (not many of us brave the winter).  I've walked Clinton park with Zoe since it was abandoned and literally a "Hooverville" for homeless people.  It's come a long way.   If ya want to trade stories, just EMAIL - brendanandzoe@aol.com

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