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World Premiere

The Los Angeles Theatre Center
Previews: April 7 - 13, 1989
Performances: April 14 - May 21, 1989

Cast / Artistic Staff & Crew / Scene Breakdown
Program Notes / Music / History

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by Reza Abdoh and Mira-Lani Oglesby
Original Music Composed by Fredric Myrow

Directed by Reza Abdoh
Produced by Diane White
Sets and Costumes by Timiain Alsaker
Lighting by Timian Alsaker and Douglas D. Smith
Sound by Jon Gottlieb
Projections by Bradford Fowler and Douglas D. Smith
Choreography by Rene' Olivas Gubernick
Dramaturg: Morgan Jenness
Stage Manager: Susan Slagle
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Angel
ASM Sub: Christopher Krol
Assistant to the Costume Designer: Karen M. Martinet
Projection Engineer: Mark Friedman
Hair and Make-Up: Liz Lopez
Magic Consultant: Michael Douglas
Research Assistant: Bob Leigh
Recording Engineer/Synthesirer Programming: Gregory Kuhn
Light Board Operator: Jane Lloyd
Sound Mixer: Bones Malone
Tape Operator Mark Hoist
Dressers: Dean Harris, Josephine Willes
Running Crew: Kelly Brady, Sandy Cleary, Kevin Larson
Follow Spot Operators: Joe Leach, Tina Luster

Music Recorded at Rashine Musicworks
Special Thanks to Amy Hill

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Ensemble (in alphabetical order):

Tony Abatemarco:
Mack / Pregnant Woman
Semina DeLaurentis: Old Woman / Dying Man's Wife
Tom Fitzpatrick: Expert Witness
Karole Foreman: Bunzo's Mother / Fisherman
Maureen Kelly: Mercy / Alice's Mother
Emily Kuroda: Old Woman / Dying Man's Wife
Mark Christopher Lawrence: Del / Alice's Father
Allyson Rice: Ruth / Magician
Ken Roht: Alice / Flsherman
Mark Rosenblatt: Lawyer l DyingMan
AndyTaylor: Bunzo / Musician

Neil Rosengarden: Musician

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Scene Breakdown


I: Old Woman Old Woman:
    A Love Letter to Marlon Brando

II: Factory

III: Mack and Mercy and Del and Ruth:
       The Coctail Party

IV: Expert Witness

V: Albe Playing in the Sand

VI: Bunzo and His Mother

VII: Mack and Del Playing Pool

VIII: Bunzo's Mother's Funeral

IX: Alice's Mother Washes Alice in a Tub:
      Alice's FatherWatches

X: Drill Exercises

XI: Bunzo's Dream

XII: The Dead Man Sits Up and Tells a Story

XIII: Del and Bunzo

XIV: Mack is Giving Mercy a Massage:

         He Grunts Occasionally.

XV: Del y Ruth y Bunzo
        Del Tries to Get Someone's Attention

XVI: Verification Process