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Hey folks, its time to get the word out once again!  Big show, big deal,
really big house!

Most of you know (because I've told you repeatedly) that I have been
opening on the road for
MadTV's Alex Borstein.  Seattle, San Francisco,
Denver and Aspen have all enjoyed big fists full of Teddy.  Finally that
road has led us to Los Angeles adjacent, freeway close Glendale!

Saturday August 14th 
"Alex Borstein's Drop Dead Gorgeous in a Down to Earth Bombshell Sort of Way" 
will be at the beautiful and HUGE
Alex Theatre in Glendale!  

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by visiting
alextheatre.org.  At this site you can buy online or learn how to buy by
phone.  Seating is not assigned, so large parties can buy tix separately
and still sit together.  No pushing, biting, fighting or trampling
fatalities will be allowed.

We are going to shoot this performance with 4 cameras with the hopes of
selling it to cable style folk.  We think it will have a better chance
of selling it if there are people in the audience shots, so please do
your part.

Teddy will do a 30 minute opening act, and then I'll return as myself at
the end of the show to do an improv with one of Miss Borstein's famous

Good luck to us all,

Ted Hardwick


The Name Dropping

Hey you'd drop 'em too. They're heavy! Towne and Hardwick have 
performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival w/ Andy Kindler, 
Aspen Fest w/ MADTV's Alex Borstein, L.A.'s Roxy w/ Lily Tomlin, 
on The Man Show with Carolla & Kimmel, and Steve Martin's 
Downer Channel
for NBC. Not to mention the world famous Improv in L.A.


"Teddy, I have so much to say to you..."

Then why don't you write to me at: TeddyTowne@webtv.net


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